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Spiber’s biomaterials stack: From new production facility to fashion runway

One lab in Germany is using robots to advance computer-aided synthetic biology

How Synthetic Biology is Dyeing the Future of Fashion

Synthetic biology gets a makeover with Evonetix’s DNA synthesis technology

Synthetic biology for sustainable cities (with John Cumbers) - Also published in Meeting of the Minds and GreenBiz

Why carbon recycling could be synthetic biology’s crowning achievement

Biology Unlocked: Emerging Applications of Cell-Free Systems

Biotechnology meets fashion and sports performance: Trends in the apparel industry

Finding a Needle in the Cancer Haystack

Living Medicines: Engineering the Microbiome

Synthetic biology and reproducibility meet on the Internet (of Things)

Synthetic Life: Made from Scratch

Scientists are Engineering Organisms to Create New Materials

Massive Science

New parasitic interaction discovered in Antarctic lakes

Fighting cancer with exploding antibody-filled bacteria

I, Science Magazine

What’s Next: Predicting the Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2018

Yeast Have Been Engineered to Produce Antimicrobials

Little Village Magazine

Iowa’s dwindling bee population is part of a larger, frightening trend (cover story)

UI students are rewiring genes to create biodegradable plastic

By ‘poking’ cells, a University of Iowa lab studies the science of healing

Six groundbreaking research projects at the University of Iowa

The best and worst of 2017 (Science)

Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature

Faces of the City of Literature: John Kenyon

Faces of the City of Literature: Andrea Wilson

Faces of the City of Literature: Nialle Sylvan

The Key Reporter

Scientists: On Your Mark, Get Set, PAINT!

Science Communication is Gaining STEAM

Interview with Audrey Bahrick

Member Spotlight: Cornel West

Edwin L. Sabin: Life of the Literary Frontiersman

Synthesis: A Digital Journal of Student Science Communication

Diabetes: A History

A New Class of Antibiotics Could Stop Drug-Resistant Bacteria in their Tracks


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